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In order to facilitate education for our Providers regarding State and Federal Medicaid rules and regulations, NBH is in the process of creating a series of online trainings. NBH will announce these trainings in our newsletters and also in the News: section of our Provider Login. After reviewing these trainings, you can certify that you took the training by filling out a certificate that requires your electronic signature, and submitting that signature to NBH using the “SUBMIT” button. If you would like a copy of the certificate for your records, please print a copy before pressing submit. You are also able to print out either the Slideshow or handouts of the slideshow.

Denial, Limitation, or Reduction of Outpatient Medicaid Services Training
           Denial, Limitation, or Reduction of Outpatient Medicaid Services Handouts
           Denial, Limitation, or Reduction of Outpatient Medicaid Services Certificate

Medicaid Member Rights and Responsibility Training
           Medicaid Member Rights and Responsibility Handouts
           Medicaid Member Rights and Responsibility Certificate

Provider Manual

As a Provider in the Northeast Behavioral Health Provider Network, it is important that you understand the partnership between the Consumer, Provider and Northeast Behavioral Health (NBH). The Provider Manual is for your use as a detailed guidance on the policies and practices of NBH relevant to the Provider Agreement. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the material contained within this Manual.

Practice Guidelines

Credentialing Applications to Join the NBH Network
Individual Providers: NBH requires three years of post licensure experience to join the Provider Network

Facilities: Hospitals, Residential Treatment Facilities, Day Treatment Facilities, and Child Placement Agencies

Single Case Agreements (SCA's) - When a Medicaid eligible client requests a specific Provider who is not currently contracted with NBH, or when NBH has a need to recruit a Provider with specialized training or expertise, a SCA is established. Please contact NBH at 970-347-2366 or 888-296-5827 if you would like to see a client but do not wish to join the network. The required documentation for a SCA can be found in the Provider Manual in Section 4. The client must be Medicaid eligible and pre-authorization is required for all services.

Provider Newsletters